Joel's Move Out Cleaning Reviews

Here is some feedback from previous customers.

I can't believe how quick and efficient Joel's Move Out cleaners was! We had a group showing up in two days to one of our rental homes and the last people who were there left if a bit untidy. In six hours after we called Joel's Move Out Cleaning, the place was ready for occupancy.

Reviewed by Terri– Chelsea

After my going away party I had with my neighbors, I noticed a rather large and impossible to get out stain on the carpet. I was shocked. I was certain that this would mean the end of my bond. With one call to Joel's Move Out Cleaners, the spot was gone and I couldn't have been happier.

Reviewed by - Mildred

I'm getting older and I've noticed that I can't get around to give my home the good once-over that I used to be able to. So I decided I needed help with the cleaning. It has been a real pleasure having Joel's Move Out Cleaners to help me to maintain my home the way I like it

Reviewed by David. - Camden

You would be hard-pressed to find a better cleaning service than Joel's Move Out Cleaning.They always work hard and they always do what they promise they will.

Reviewed by S. Merill - London

With our newborn keeping us up all hours of the night and with the big move coming closer we became more and more stressed an tired as the days dragged on. We needed help. It was a real relief having Joel's Move Out Cleaning to rely on.

Reviewed by Charly– London City

Joel's Move Out Cleaning was definitely a lifesaver. We never had the time to clean our flat before moving and our landlord was threatening to withhold our bond, but with one call to Joel's Move Out Cleaning, we were able to get our money back in one day.

Reviewed by Shawn – London City

Using Joel's Move Out Cleaning is always such a great value. I use them whenever I need to have my carpet cleaned or my furniture shampooed. I wouldn't use anyone else.

Reviewed by Rose. – London City

My job really takes up a great deal of time. I spend a lot of time traveling or in meetings until very late at night. So when my lease was up, I barely was able to make time enough to move so I definitely didn't have time to do the necessary cleaning. Joel's Move Out Cleaning made the process much less stressful.

Reviewed by Greg – Bloomsbury